nu Sourcing offers quality control as a standalone service to a number of customers who have already sourced their factories but need a little help to ensure that the factory reaches a certain quality level. Our services include:


Pilot Run: the first production off the line, often known as the pilot run is the most important as it sets the tone for the full production run. In this capacity we are engaged to ensure that the pilot run is executed as per the customer’s required standards and more importantly feedback from the pilot run is incorporated into the bulk production run. 

Inline / Onsite Monitoring: we place a permanent Quality Control manager in the factory to look after our client’s production. The QC’s role is to monitor the quality of the production from fabrics through to finishing, providing technical assistance to the factory where required and reporting back to the customer on any issues with regards to production or to seek clarification on any issues. 

AQLs: nu Sourcing has an independent QC team that conducts AQLs on behalf of its customers.